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“Coram Deo” “Before the face of God”
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One of the most important aspects of our devotional life is to have a consistent regular time set aside to be with the Lord. I have covered that on my blog here at ReformedWomen and TheologyGirl, but there are some very practical things we can do to enhance that time and to increase our knowledge and track our growth. How we do that practically is to keep a “Devotional” or “Spiritual” Journal of each day’s devotions, Bible reading, study and prayer time. First and foremost, you must set aside a time of the day, whether it is early morning or late evening to have this devotional time and you must be as consistent as possible. It is a commitment to Christ and to yourself to obey God’s Word: “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” 2Tim2:15

This is the method I use and it has worked very well for me over the years. Modify your devotional-spiritual guide to what works best for you and your schedule.

1. A Journal:
You can buy journals very reasonably in all different kinds of bindings. Buy a journal (preferably something pretty) that has plain paper. There are ones that include dates as well. You can also make one yourself if you have nice heavy backing (lots of it in the craft stores), cut a stack of paper to fit, punch the holes and tie it all together with some lovely ribbon. You can try it several different ways and after several years of journaling, you will find all kinds of neat ideas to use.

2. Devotional Order:
Example of the devotional order I use every day:

Bible Reading:
*BR: Genesis 1-3; John 1-3
Psalm 1; Proverb 1
(31 Proverbs 1 for each day)
There are many Bible reading guides you can use. I use my own of beginning in the Bible as indicated. You can add additional chapters to each day, week or month.

Bible Study:
*BS: Short study of what I have read – A time of attention to the verses I have read and then marking out, expanding, noting, highlighting those verses and making notes of what they teach me.

Devotional Books:
*DR: E.g., Tabletalk, Morning & Evening, Valley of Vision, Calvin or other daily prayer or devotional books.

Bible Verse:
Memorization Verse of the week; Proverb or Psalm of the week for memorization.

A regular list: Husband, children, family, church, brethren, friends, missions, gospel, special needs as they arise or are known.

I usually have several books going at once so depending upon the time, I read a chapter or more .

Short list of special verses, things to look up and study later, write in my own words what I see in the passages.

*For the sake of space, I use abbreviations in the journals.

This is my spiritual journal guideline, but you will need to work on a plan that will work for you and one that you will do consistently. If you miss a day, you will know it. The spiritual enrichment you will gain will far exceed anything you can imagine and you will be such a blessing to others!

Spiritual Journal for Children:

Teaching our children to keep a spiritual journal of their quiet time with the Lord is another way in which we can “train our children” to love the Lord and grow in grace and their relationship with Him.

You can use this journal as a supplement to their “Bible” class and/or if homeschooling, you can make it a part of their class or homework assignment.

Work out a system that works well for you and for your children so they will learn to love this special time with the Lord and to progress in their personal walks with Him.

Have them create their own journals in their “art” class or as a family project using their own artwork as covers, filled with paper and tied with bows for girls, shoestrings, etc. for boys using their own creativity in their design.

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