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Creeds & Confessions
Christian Radio/Video
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On-Line Bible Studies
Reformed Reading (Publishers, Books, Periodicals, Newspapers)
Reformed Resources/Other
Orthodox Presbyterian Church
The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
The Christian Reformed Churches in the Netherlands

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ireland

The Free Church of Scotland

The Presbyterian Church in America
The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland
The Reformed Church in Japan
The Reformed Churches of New Zealand
The Reformed Church in the United States
The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America
The International Conference of Reformed Churches (ICRC)
The North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council (NAPARC)
The Apostles’ Creed
The Nicene Creed
The Athanasian Creed
The Chalcedonian Creed

The Westminster Confession of Faith
The Belgic Confession of Faith
The Canons of the Synod of Dort
The Heidelberg Catechism
For Children:
The Children’s Catechism
Small Children’s Catechism
Resources for Creeds & Confessions
Creeds & Confessions (OPC)
Creeds & Confessions @ Phil’s
Creeds & Confessions @ Reformed Org.
The Cambridge Declaration
Professing Your Faith
Gospel Trumpet Radio (RealAudio)
Covenant Media Foundation
Gospel Communications

Covenant Home Curriculum
Covenant College
Geneva College
New Geneva Theological Seminary

Redeemer College
Calvin Theological Seminary
Covenant Theological Seminary
Knox Theological Seminary
Mid-America Reformed Seminary
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary
Reformed Theological Seminary
Westminster Theological Seminary (Escondido, California)
Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
The Bible Study Hour   (Dr. James Boice)
God’s Word Today   (John Piper)
Renewing Your Mind   (R.C. Sproul)
The White Horse Inn  (Michael Horton)
REFORMED READING(Publishers, Books, Periodicals, Newspapers)
Articles from The New Horizons (OPC Magazine)
Baker Book House (Leading evangelical publisher)
The Banner of Truth Trust (Library of excellent articles)
Biblical Horizons
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics Online Bookstore
Christian Book Distributors (CBD)
Christian Focus Publications (catalog – UK)
Covenant Media Foundation (Bahnsen; large library of resources)
Covenanter Press (PRCofAU)
Crown and Covenant Publications
Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service (Puritan/reformed books at great prices)
Grace and Truth Books
Old Paths Publications
P&R (formerly Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company)
Pro Ecclesia Publishers (Assoc. with the AACL)
Reformation Heritage Books
Reformed Free Publishing Association
Soli Deo Gloria Books
Still Waters Revival Books (Rare, classic and great discounts)
Trinity Book Service (Reformed and Baptist books) (Trinity Baptist Church)
Vanderheide Publishing Company
Westminster Campus Bookstore (Westminster Seminary)
Contra Mundum: A Reformed Cultural ReviewCovenant Syndicate
Evangelical Times

Kerux: A Journal of Biblical Theology
The Milieu: The Online Magazine for Families of the Reformed Faith
Modern Reformation (ACE)
The New Horizons (OPC)
Ordained Servant  (OPC)
PCA News
Reformed Witness
  (with links to RPCNA)
Abate Not – ReformedChristianResources
A Puritan’s Mind 
The Alexander Whyte Homepage
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (ACE)
Alpha and Omega Ministries
American Vision (A Biblical Worldview Ministry)
Arminianism and Pelagianism Refuted (Excellent resource on this subject)
Arthur Pink
Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal
Biblical Theology and Redemptive Historical Hermeneutics
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics (CRTA)
CHAIM (a Reformed mission to Jews)
Chalcedon Foundation
Christian Classics Ethereal Library [One of the best reformed/classic resources]
CoffeeTeaAndWe (Blog)
The Connecticut Valley Conference on Reformed Theology
Coram Deo (Before the Face of God)
The Covenant Family Fellowship (ARP)
Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Covenant Worldview Institute (Rev. Ralph Smith)
Dave White’s Reformed Links
Fire and Ice Puritan and Reformed Writings
(Excellent resources for download) (John Farese)
Focusing On God:His Character, Purposes and Ways
The Francis A. Schaeffer Institute
Geneva (Founders Online)
Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies
GraceNet UK
GreenBaggins (Blog)
Hall of Church History (Phil’s site; great resources/pictures)
Heart Reformation
John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion (Beveridge)
John Owen 
John Piper (Desiring God)
Jonathan Edwards “On-Line”
Kuyper Foundation
Ligonier Ministries (R.C. Sproul)
Machen Org
Mt. Zion/Chapel Library (Excellent tract resources)
Music of the Trinity Hymnal
Orthodox Presbyterian Churches On The Net
Presbyterian-OPC Discussion Group 
R. Scott Clark, Associate Prof. ChurchHistory-Westminster-Calif

Reformation – John Knox’ House
Reformation Ink (Excellent source for reformed documents)
Reformation Scotland
Reformed Baptist Church Directory (John Farese)
Reformed Christian Resource Page
ReformedCovenanter (Blog)
Reformed Resource
Reformed Resources (
Reformed Sermons (Excellent resource for reformed sermons)
Reformed Sovereign Grace Literature Home Page
ReformationTheology (Blog)
ReformedWomen Blog [see blog for all ReformedWomen links]
Reformers Fire (
ReformationTheology (Blog)
Riddleblog (Blog) (Kim Riddlebarger)
Rutherford House
Semper Reformanda
Scottish Preachers
Sola Gratia
Sound of Grace (John Piper articles)
Spurgeon’s Sermons
The Quiet Place: (Reformed Baptist)
The Reformed Traveler
The Spindleworks
The Strait Gate
The Legacy
The Reformed Forum
The Reformed Network

The Upper Room (John Farese)
The Wicket Gate
TheologyGirls @Twitter: @TheologyGirls
Thornwell Hall (James Bordwine)
Truth for Life (Alistar Begg) (Max Forsythe (PCA) excellent sermon source)
Tunes from The Scottish Psalter and the Psalter Hymnal (Midi files)
What is the Reformed  Faith
The William Tyndale Home Page: Fire for the Ploughman
William Tyndale Translator and Reformer: The Tyndale Society 

NOTE:  This is the original Tolle Lege list of reading-study sites.  It will be updated from time-to-time with current and favorites.  Since its original posting, there are many new and outstanding places to visit online.  Be encouraged to fill in those places on your own favorite reading lists._TG-RW