Love’s Letter

My beloved brethren:  We, like Christopher Love and many saints throughout the ages have suffered persecution, trials and tribulations, loss and want, and as He suffered in His pilgrimage on this earth, we too shall suffer in this life.  What kind of witness are we to be through these sufferings?  Patient in tribulation? Praying always?  Blessing rather than cursing? Enduring with gentleness and meekness of spirit?  Loving when hated?  Happy when sad?  Rejoicing through tears?  Praising when discouraged? Giving when all is taken away?  Resting when weary? Hoping when hope is gone?  Joyful in all things?  Trusting when we cannot see?  Yes, all these things and more so let us examine ourselves to see if our walk matches our testimony of Christ and if we are truly walking the walk of faith and saying,  “Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say, It is well, it is well, with my soul.”    I share with you Christopher Love’s letter to encourage you to fight the good fight of faith on your Christian journey with joy resting in Christ’s love and gift of life to you.  Be encouraged as you read…TheologyGirl-ReformedWomen

Christopher Love was beheaded for alleged conspiracy against the current
Lord Protector of England, Oliver Cromwell. Love, Thomas Watson and William
Jenkyn were among those imprisoned for treason. Cromwell charged them with
conspiring to bring back the monarchy and the King after parliament had
charged the king with treason and beheaded him. Watson was released, Jenkyn
died in prison, and Christopher Love was beheaded. The following letter is
one of many to Mr. Love’s wife. However, this is Mr. Love’s last letter to
his wife on the day he suffered.

My most gracious Beloved,

I am now going from a prison to a palace: I have finished my work, and am
now going to receive my wages. I am going to heaven, where are two of my
children, and leaving you on earth, where there are three of my babes.
These two above, need not my care; but the three below need thine. It
comforts me to think, two of my children are in the bosom of Abraham, and
three of them will be in the arms and care of such a tender and godly
mother. I know you are a woman of sorrowful spirit, yet be comforted,
though you sorrows be great for you husband going out of the world, yet your
pains shall be the less in bringing your child into the world; you shall be
a joyful mother, though you be a sad widow; God hath many mercies in store
for you; the prayer of a dying husband for you, will not be lost. To my
shame I speak it, I never prayed for you at liberty, as I have done in
prison. I can write much, but I have few practical counsels to leave with
you, viz.,

1. Keep under a sound, orthodox, soul searching ministry. Oh! There are many
deceivers gone out into the world, but Christ’s sheep know His voice, and a
stranger they will not follow. Attend any minister that teacheth the way of
God in truth; and follow Solomon’s advice, Proverbs 19:27.

2. Bring up your children in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord. The
mother ought to be a teacher in the father’s absence, Proverbs 31:1, “The
words that his mother taught him.” And Timothy was instructed by his
grandmother, 1 Timothy 1:5.

3. Pray in your family daily, that yours may be in the number of the
families who call upon God.

4. Labor for a meek and quiet spirit, which in the sight of God, is of great
price, 1 Peter 3:4.

5. Pour not on the comforts you want, but upon the mercies you have. Look
rather at God’s ending in afflicting, than to the measure and degree of your

6. Labor to clear up your evidence for heaven when God takes from you the
comfort of earth, so that as your sufferings do abound, your consolation in
Christ may abound much more, 2 Corinthians 1:5. Though it be good to
maintain a holy jealously of heart, yet it is still ill of you to cherish
fears and doubts touching the truth of your graces. If ever I had
confidence touching the grace of another, I have confidence of grace in you;
as Peter said of Silvanus, I am persuaded that this is the grace of God
wherein ye stand, 1 Peter 5:12.

7. O, my dear soul wherefore dost thou doubt, who heart has been laid
upright, whose walking has been holy, &c. I could venture my soul this day
in they soul’s stead, such a confidence I have in you.

8. When you find your heart secure, presumptuous and proud, then pour upon
corruption more than grace: then look upon your grace without infirmities.

9. Study the covenant of grace, and merits of Christ, and be troubled if you
can; you are interested in such a covenant that accepts purposes for
performances, desires for deeds, sincerity for perfection, the righteousness
of another, viz., that of Jesus Christ, as it were your own alone. Oh! My
love! Rest thou in the love of God, the bosom of Christ.

10. Swallow up your will in the will of God. It is a bitter cup we are to
drink, but it is the cup of our Father which has been put into our hands.
When Paul was to suffer at Jerusalem, the Christians said, “The will of the
Lord be done!” Oh! Say ye so, when I go to the Tower-Hill, “The will of the
Lord be done!”

11. Rejoice in my joy. To mourn for me inordinately argues, that you either
envy or suspect my happiness. The joy of the Lord is my strength; Oh! Let
it be yours also! Dear wife, farewell: I will call thee wife no more: I
shall see thy face no more: yet I am not much troubled, for now I am going
to meet the Bridegroom, the Lord Jesus, to whom I shall be eternally

12. Refuse not to marry, when God offers you a fair opportunity; but be sure
you marry in the Lord; and one of a good disposition, that he may not grieve
you, but give you a comfortable livelihood in the world.

Farewell dear love, and again I say farewell. The Lord Jesus be with your
spirit, the Maker of heaven and earth be a husband to you; and the Father of
the Lord Jesus Christ be a father to your children – so prays your dying,

Your most affectionate friend till death,

Christopher Love

The day of my glorification.
From the Tower of London, August 22, 1651
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All Praise and Glory

What God’s almighty pow’r hath made
His gracious mercy keepeth;
By morning dawn or evening shade
His watchful eye ne’er sleepeth;
Within the kingdom of his might,
Lo, all is just and all is right,
To God all praise and glory!

I cried to him in time of need:
Lord God, O, hear my calling!
For death he gave me life indeed
And kept my feet from falling.
For this my thanks shall endless be;
O thank him, thank our God, with me,
To God all praise and glory!

The Lord forsaketh not his flock,
His chosen generation;
He is their refuge and their rock,
Their peace and their salvation.
As with a mother’s tender hand
He leads his own, his chosen band,
To God all praise and glory!

Ye who confess Christ’s holy name,
To God give praise and glory!
Ye who the Father’s power proclaim,
To God give praise and glory!
All idols under foot be trod,
The Lord is God! the Lord is God!
To God all praise and glory!

Then come before his presence now
And banish fear and sadness;
To your Redeemer pay your vow
And sing with joy and gladness:
Though great distress my soul befell,
The Lord, my God, did all things well,
To God all praise and glory!

Lobet den Herrn, alle Heiden
Johann Jakob Schütz

~ ~ ~
Let the people praise HIM!  How beautiful is our God.
Thanks be to Him for the gift of salvation! _TheologyGirl-ReformedWomen



Things That Are Lovely

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Phillippians 4:8

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true,…. To close all with respect to the duties of Christianity incumbent on the professors of it, the apostle exhorts to a regard to everything that is true; that is agreeable to the Scriptures of truth, to the Gospel the word of truth, or to the law and light of nature; and whatever was really so, even among the very Heathens, in opposition to falsehood, lying, and hypocrisy

whatsoever things are honest; in the sight of men; or grave, or “venerable” in speech, in action or attire, in opposition to levity, frothiness, or foppery:

whatsoever things are just; between man and man, or with respect both to God and men; giving to God what belongs to him, and to man what is his due; studying to exercise a conscience void of offence to both, in opposition to all impiety, injustice, violence, and oppression:

whatsoever things are pure; or “chaste”, in words and deeds, in opposition to all filthiness and foolish talking, to obscene words and actions. The Vulgate Latin and Arabic versions render it, “whatsoever things are holy”; which are agreeable to the holy nature, law, and will of God, and which tend to promote holiness of heart and life:

whatsoever are lovely; which are amiable in themselves, and to be found even among mere moral men, as in the young man whom Christ as man is said to love, Mar_10:21; and which serve to cultivate and increase love, friendship, and amity among men; and which things also are grateful to God and lovely in his sight, in opposition to all contention, strife, wrath, and hatred:

whatsoever things are of good report; are well spoken of, and tend to get and establish a good name, which is better than precious ointment, Ecc_7:1; for though a good name, credit, and reputation among men, are to be sacrificed for the sake of Christ when called for; yet care is to be taken to preserve them by doing things which may secure them, and cause professors of religion to be well reported of; and which beautiful in all, and absolutely necessary in some:

if there be any virtue; anywhere, among any persons whatever, in opposition to vice:

and if there be any praise; that is praiseworthy among men, and deserves commendation, even though in an unjust steward, Luk_16:8, it should be regarded. The Vulgate Latin adds, “of discipline”, without any authority from any copy. The Claromontane manuscript reads, “if any praise of knowledge”:

think on these things: meditate upon them, revolve them in your minds, seriously consider them, and reason with yourselves about them, in order to put them into practice.” _John Gill