Reading, Writing, Growing in God’s Word

Author: ReformedWomen-TheologyGirl
Reading, Writing, Growing in God’s Word
January  27, 2018

As is our usual practice in the New Year we begin reading through the Bible,  start new Bible and book studies or complete old studies.  We also make commitments for completion of projects in spiritual growth and education.  Each year we begin a new “Spiritual Journal” with the commitment to Christ and ourselves to grow in the grace of knowledge of Christ and to be more obedient in our walk with Christ.  As I have shared with you many times over the years my commitment to “Spiritual Journaling” and the exercise of it to confirm our dedication to Christ and the Word in study and prayer.  Spiritual Journaling keeps us on our “spiritual” toes as the missed days or blank pages in our journal bring conviction and encourage us to be good stewards of our study, reading and commitment to growth in Christ-centered living and sharing His Word. Be encouraged Dear Sisters to continue your journaling in growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ. _TheologyGirl-RW

WRITE in a book all the WORDS that I have spoken to you. Jeremiah 30:2

“Thus speaketh the Lord God of Israel,…. Who is their covenant God; has not forgotten them; still has a regard for them; and speaks after the following comfortable manner concerning them saying, write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book; being things of consequence, that they might remain to after ages; and be read to the use, comfort, and edification of the Lord’s people, in times to come; and be a support to their faith and hope, as well as be a testimony of the truth and faithfulness of God. Some think this charge refers to all the prophecies that go before, as well as follow after, to put them all together in a book or roll, that they might be preserved; though others think it refers only to the present prophecy; and so Kimchi interprets it, write all the words “that I am now speaking unto thee” (o) in a book; which should come to pass in the latter day. So John is bid to write in a book what he saw; the things that are, and shall be hereafter, Rev_1:11.” _John Gill

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