Our Anxiety and God’s Aseity

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“In him we live and move and have our being; as even some of your own poets have said, For we are indeed his offspring.” Act 17:28

Are you filled with anxiety about the future? About our country, your hopes, dreams, family life, eternity?  Read on….

A whirlwind of anxiety and fear surrounds us day by day with the events in our world and especially in light of the unimaginable liberal leanings of the current decisions made regarding the future of us and our country.  Man says, “Where is your God,”  “why are these things happening” and “who is in control of the world and events”?  Do not fear my dear friends and brethren!  God is seated in the heavenlies doing what He has preordained in eternity past to bring forward at this time in history.  Remember that He is the only Sovereign and He is independent of man and He alone controls all events and keeps us by His divine power.  We then must bow before Him in holy humility, recognition and submission and get our thinking “right” and heavenward and not fear the future but be humbled by His greatness and love to us in Christ.  Speaking on God’s aseity, Kuiper has said it well:

“There are certain names of God which reveal His independence most vividly, names which only God has and which the creature could never, never bear.  We have in mind “the Almighty One”, “the Highest One”, “the Lord of Hosts.”  Each of these names reveals that God is above all else, and is not dependent in any way upon anything outside His Being.  But undoubtedly the name of God that reveals the greatness, glory, and independence of God most clearly of all is the name JEHOVAH (I AM or I AM THAT I AM).  When God says of Himself, in fact names Himself, I AM, He very truthfully and confidently asserts that He rests for Being upon no one but Himself, exists before all things, and all things exist through Him.  When God says, “I AM”, He confidently asserts that He has need of nothing, but by and through and of Himself, IS!  It is true; the name JEHOVAH has tremendous significance for our election, redemption, preservation, trust in God’s promises, for all the life of the covenant of grace.  But we must understand that God reveals himself as He does in all our salvation exactly as He is in Himself, so that first He is JEHOVAH in Himself and then He is JEHOVAH in all our salvation!

We ought to be struck, now, by the fact that we creatures differ radically from God on this matter of being.  God is independent; we are always dependent, and our dependence is upon Him.  Oh, we can be so proud!  We can live sometimes as if we had no need of God, as if we were the captains of our futures and the masters of our own destinies, as if we have things pretty much in control.  We can behave ourselves sometimes as that rich and foolish man in the parable of Luke 12 who said, “Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many year;  take thine ease, eat, drink and be merry.”  In our self-sufficiency we think that we can take care of ourselves.  We make our plans sometimes without a thought of God, and without saying, “If the Lord wills and we live.”*

* * *

Thus, my friends, we “look” and “live” because of Christ and God’s election and preservation.  Take no thought!  Look to Christ and God’s Word for comfort so that you are not “anxious about anything” but trusting in Him, our King and God!

*/ Rev. D.H. Kuiper, “The Independence or Self-Existence of God”

From Heavenly Notes: Copyright ©1997-2016 TheologyGirl-ReformedWomen, The JoyPals Network, All Rights Reserved.


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