Being Confident


Devotions From the Heart

“Being Confident”
October 2015

“Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you
will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6

Confidence is something we talk about either lacking it or boasting in it. The world talks about it all the time — good and bad. Most of the time when speaking of confidence, the world is speaking an arrogant psychobabble pride. But here is a verse that tells us to be “confident” in godly confidence, i.e., to have “faith” in this promise of God. God has promised and His promises are true and amen and they will be performed as promised. He has begun a work in us, ordained in eternity, and He will continue it throughout our life and He will complete it!  What an encouragement to our souls! God has given us this strong confidence in His Word this promise — be “confident” “know” “be assured” “it is written” — that we can have this confidence of Christ’s work in us and for us. It is not perfect yet, but it will be. We can stand up and boast in it knowing our God will complete this good work He has begun in us. He will not fail in it. We have no confidence in ourselves, in our flesh, but we have confidence in Him and His gift to us and it is ours now and forever. Alleluia!

Want to know more? Listen John Gill’s commentary on this promise:

“This is a begun work, and but a begun one. It may be said to be begun as soon as light is let into the soul by the Spirit of God; when it sees its lost state, and need of a Saviour, for as the first thing in the old creation was light, so in the new; when the fear of God is put into the heart, which is the beginning of wisdom; when love appears in the soul to God, to Christ, to his people, word, and ordinances; and when there are the seeing, venturing, and relying acts of faith on Christ, though there is a great deal of darkness, trembling, and unbelief; and when it is got thus far, and even much further, it is but a begun work; it is not yet finished and perfect: this appears from the several parts of this work, which are imperfect, as faith, hope, love, knowledge… from the indwelling of sin, and corruption in the best of saints; from their various continual wants and necessities; from their disclaiming perfection in this life, and their desires after it. But the apostle was confident, and so may every good man be confident, both for himself and others, that God who has, and wherever he has begun the good work of grace, will “perform”, finish it, or bring it to an end, as the word here used signifies: and this the saints may assure themselves of, from many considerations; as from the nature of the work itself, which is called living water, because it always continues, a well of it, because of its abundance, and is said to spring up to eternal life; because it is inseparably connected with it, where there is grace, there will be glory; grace is the beginning of glory, and glory the perfection of grace; this work of grace is an incorruptible seed, and which remains in the saints, and can never be lost; it is a principle of life, the root of which is hid in Christ, and that itself is maintained by him, and can never be destroyed by men or devils: and also from the concern God has in it, who is unchangeable in his nature, purposes, promises, gifts, and calling; who is a rock, and his work is perfect sooner or later; who is faithful, and will never forsake the work of his hands, and has power to accomplish it; and who has promised his people, that they shall grow stronger and stronger, that they shall not depart from him, and he will never leave them. Moreover, this may be concluded from the indwelling of the Spirit, as a spirit of sanctification, as the earnest and seal of the inheritance, and that for ever; and from the intercession and fullness of grace in Christ, and the saints’ union to him, and standing in him; as well as front the impotency of any to hinder the performance of this work, as sin, Satan, or the world: to which may be added the glory of all the three Persons herein concerned; for if this work is not finished, the glory of God the Father in election, in the covenant of grace, in the contrivance of salvation, in the mission of his Son, the glory of Christ in redemption, and of the Spirit in sanctification, would be entirely lost: wherefore it may be depended on, this work will be performed wherever it is begun, and that “until the day of Jesus Christ”; meaning either the day of death, when Christ takes the souls of believers to himself, and they shall be for ever with him, when this work of grace upon the soul will be finished; for God, who is the guide of his people, will be their God and guide even unto death: or else the last day, the day of judgment, the resurrection day, when Christ shall appear and raise the dead, and free the bodies of the saints from all their bondage, corruption, vileness, and weakness, which will be putting the last and finishing hand to this good work; nor will even the bodies of the saints be quitted by the Spirit of God till this is done.”

~ ~ ~

Are you more confident now dear sisters? I pray that you are. He loves us and has washed us from our sins and given us great and exceeding promises. What a glorious work He has begun in us and what a glorious ending it will be!  Praise our Sovereign Triune God for such comforting words of “confidence” as this.  Be blessed…TG/RW

“Being Confident” from the original series “Are You Confident?”TheologyGirl-ReformedWomen
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