Why This Suffering Lord?

“Devotions From the Heart”
“Why This Suffering Lord”
August 2015

This question is one of those questions that we are often contemplating, discussing and praying about as Christians. I call it one of those “WHY” questions that Christian ask over and over again and sometimes without a full understanding of the doctrine of God’s providence and sovereignty, they continue confused with the questions of “why is this happening Lord” and especially so when serving in Christian ministry? A study of doctrine and the Bible’s answers to these questions as well as earnest prayer will bring one to the true biblical understanding and thus God’s peace in heart and mind. The following is an excerpt from an earlier chapter of my study on “Christians and Suffering.” Be encouraged as you read. TG-RW

~ ~ ~

“As Christians, God has promised us “persecution” and “suffering” as part and parcel of the Christian life and to walk in the same steps that He (and our brethren before) have walked. As we minister in the world and even in Christian ministry, we see this every single day of our lives. It can build us up or tear us down so we must apply God’s Word and His doctrine in these things so that we do not lose heart. The Lord says, “woe to you when all men speak well of you” — in other words, many times when you are doing righteousness, confronting error or modernity, or pierce the heart and reveal the self-righteousness of professors, you will suffer for His sake as He did and the retaliation will be strong against you. They will speak evil of you falsely, calling you names, gossiping, destroying and causing havoc, mockings and other such things as they did to our dear Lord but do not pay any attention to them nor fall down under it for God alone holds you up and will bless your life because of it. Christ has said, “you will be of a good report and evil report” and that is a promise. Be strong and courageous and fearless in your walk and talk knowing that He, and He alone, is your strength and will uphold you in righteousness and pure holiness all the days of your life and He will, without exception, avenge you as the Bible teaches. It is a “fearful thing” to fall into the hands of the Living God so take care that you walk “circumspectly” knowing in Whom you must give account. Serve with joy and rejoicing, prayer and submission and He will surely, with joy, bless you. Be not afraid of them that do harm or cause division. God will avenge and hold up His children from all oppression whether from the good or the evil. It is good to be wounded and tried for His sake. Thanks be to God for His graces!”

Soli Deo Gloria,
©2015 All Rights Reserved

1/TheologyGirl-ReformedWomen “Study: “Christians & Suffering”, 2008, ©2007-2015 All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Why This Suffering Lord?

  1. Maryann Gulotta says:

    Thank you, for this encouraging word. It is so timely in our lives right now.
    May you be blessed and God be praised.

    • AdminJPN says:

      You are very welcome Maryann and thank you for your kind comments. Blessed be our God who gives us so many blessings and the fellowship of one another. TG-RW

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