For Love of Teaching and Discernment


“Devotions From the Heart”
“For Love of Teaching
And Discernment”
March 2015

As Reformed Women, we love to study God’s Word and grow in grace and knowledge of our God and in turn use that knowledge to teach and lead other women so that they too may grow in grace and knowledge to share with other women.  As we begin a new study later this spring, this excerpt from my earlier book study and posts deserves repeating.

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Friends, last week we had an excellent discussion and critique on ReformedWomen regarding mixture in women’s bible/book studies. I have removed author and names to share publically my comments. The following is an excerpt, albeit long.  Our dear late brother, Dr. Boice, echos his infamous “think and act biblically” whenever we teach so it is good for us to be reminded of these things periodically so we don’t “fall” into error in what we read and teach other women. TheologyGirl-ReformedWomen [Excerpt, 10-30-05]

“What can I say further than “what a joy” to hear and read like-minded biblical sisters expose and discuss the errors of the teaching in Pelagian-Arminian-man-centered-man-glorifying-fluffy-psychobabble-usurping-type books we see on our so-called “Christian” bookshelves and bookstores today.  Many have no regard for the truth of God’s Word as being central and the only truth to be applied to daily life and for growth in godliness.  Most of the books and studies today are man-centered, man-glorifying books that tickle the hearts, minds and ears of women and usurp God’s Word and sound doctrinal practical application to the lives of the readers.  As I have said many times, God has blessed us with wonderful godly sound doctrinal women and men teachers that we need not partake of anything from “the other side.”

And, as I always say, “you are what you read” (especially in spiritual matters) and that reading “fluff” (unsound, false, erroneous, man-centered, psycho-heresy to which there is no profit) “doctrinal error” and “psychobabble” will go into your hearts and minds and become part of who you are and how you think about God and how He would have you to live.  Thus, under no circumstances should you be reading/teaching anything that is not biblically doctrinal and “sound” in teaching.  As one of our sisters said, “you don’t have to drink the poison” to know. We know without reading by just who they are affiliated with, whether or not they are “Reformed” in doctrine, who their supporters, churches, and associations are. It is simple.   If they are not Reformed in theology, they are in error.  This is what the Reformation was all about.  God’s mercy in delivering His church from Pelagian/Arminian doctrinal error that was “all about man” and little about God and His attributes and grace. When God has opened your eyes to truth and delivered you in mercy from error to go back to the “weak and beggarly elements” and “milk” rather than praise Him for His mercy to you is sin and disobedience. He has given you truth and taught you so that you can show your faithfulness by using those materials for which He has delivered to you to share — sound glorifying books and studies. Reading and studying man-centered books is a sure way for you to become “entangled” in error yourself and will you not be “burned” by it?  This is what we mean when we say there is “mixture” — the Bible with false doctrine, error and touchy-feely fluff rather than the true meat of the Word.  No, we do not partake of anything that we have discerned to be in error and God will surely give us the wisdom through His Word, His church, His overseers and sound biblical teachers to “flee” from anything that remotely has error or is man-centered. We do not believe the “lie” that because it “contains” Scripture or good practical stories, points, etc. that it benefits. A lie is a lie no matter what and false application or erroneous teaching will only have a negative effect on the believer and as Scripture states, will show itself in “every evil work” by glorifying the Devil himself rather than glorifying the God of the Bible.  Don’t be fooled as Scripture says, whatever a man (woman) sows he will reap.

“But let him who is taught in the Word share with the one teaching in all good things. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked. For whatever a man sows, that he also will reap. For he sowing to his flesh will reap corruption from the flesh. But he sowing to the Spirit will reap life everlasting from the Spirit.” Galatians 6:6-8

We want to reap glory to Christ and for His beloved bride, our sisters, to love and serve Him more and to be biblical, godly women of the Book for the benefit of His church, the body of Christ, both locally and universally, and for the good of our husbands, families and neighbors.  As we say in computer talk, “garbage in and garbage out.”  We don’t want any garbage going in (we have enough already of our own selfish me-thinking attitudes) so we should fill ourselves with praiseworthy teaching of Him – Soli Deo Gloria!

Are there perfect Reformed books without error or perfect?  No, because man/woman is fallible but we have the infallible Word of the Living God who leads us to truth and God has been merciful in giving us “good teachers” and “good doctrine” so that we are without excuse and so that we can grow in grace and in the knowledge of Him.  Thus, it is incumbent upon us as “Reformed” and doctrinally sound believers to read, study and share the most biblical books and studies we can find and no other.”

“But you speak the things which become sound doctrine: aged men to be temperate, sensible, discreet, sound in faith, in love, in patience. Let the aged women likewise be in reverent behavior, not slanderers, not enslaved by much wine, teachers of good; that they may train the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, subject to their own husbands, that the Word of God may not be blasphemed.” Titus 2:1-5

“Devotions From The Heart” by TheologyGirl-ReformedWomen
©2015 All Rights Reserved


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