Awake My Soul for Dawn Has Broken

“Devotions From the Heart”
“Awake My Soul for Dawn Has Broken”
March 2015

“Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.” Philippians 4:4

How shall we begin our days?  As the day breaks in all of its glorious beauty and we behold it, does it send us to our knees in prayer with a heart filled with rejoicing and thankfulness for what our God and Savior has done for us in Christ Jesus?  Oh how we need to begin the first moments when we awake with a cry to our Lord to “awake my soul” with rejoicing and praise for the gift of each day.  He has given His children gifts upon gifts of life, love, mercy and grace to serve Him and others. What a privilege we have.  What a joy to our soul.  No matter what your circumstances, no matter what befalls you in life, awake each day with this command to your soul — Rejoice! Rejoice! _TG-RW

~ ~ ~

“O the golden dawn has broken
 O’er the hills!
 See the sunlight now agleaming
 On the rills,
 On the river, on the fountain,
 In the valley, on the mountain;
 Golden days are drawing near,
 And the bugle note we hear.
 Christ is King!
 Christ is King!
 Let all heav’n and nature sing!”
__Georgia T. Snead

~ ~ ~

“Awake, then, O my drowsy soul!

“Awake, then, O my drowsy soul! To sleep under the light of grace is unreasonable, much more in the approach of the light of glory. Come forth, my dull, congealed spirit; thy Lord bids thee ‘rejoice, and again rejoice.’ Thou hast lain long enough in thy prison of flesh, where Satan has been thy jailer, cares have been thy irons, fears thy scourges, and thy food the bread and water of affliction; where sorrows have been thy lodgings, and thy sin and foes have made thy bed, and an unbelieving heart has been the gates and bars that have kept thee in: the angel of the covenant now calls thee, and bids thee ‘arise and follow him.’ Up, O my soul! and cheerfully obey, and thy bolts and bars shall all fly open: follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. Shouldst thou fear to follow such a guide? Can the sun lead thee to a state of darkness? Will He lead thee to death, who died to save thee from it? Follow him, and he will show thee the paradise of God; he will give thee a sight of the New Jerusalem, and a taste of the tree of life. Come forth, my drooping soul, and lay aside thy winter dress; let it be seen, by thy ‘garments of joy and praise,’ that the spring has come; and as thou now seest thy comforts green, thou shalt shortly see them ‘white and ripe for harvest,’ and then thou shalt be called to reap, and gather and take possession. Should I suspend and delay my joys till then? Should not the joys of the spring go before the joys of harvest? Is title nothing before possession? Is the heir in no better a state than a slave? My Lord has taught me to rejoice in hope of his glory, and how to see it through the bars of a prison; for, when persecuted for righteousness’ sake, he commands me to ‘rejoice and be exceeding glad,’ because ‘my reward in heaven is great.'”2/

”Devotions From The Heart” by TheologyGirl-ReformedWomen
©2015 All Rights Reserved

2/Meditations from “The Saints Everlasting Rest”  Rev. Richard Baxter

*Photo courtesy of NASA


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