A Safe Haven: Hear & Save Me, O God

The cry of God’s servant David to the Sovereign Lord God for deliverance from his enemies, for sustaining strength, for help in the time of trouble, for persevering grace and providence, for the love of God be shed upon his heart and soul and courage to survive the onslaught of evildoers and those that had risen up against him. Can it be that today, in our modern world that God’s people silently and courageously endure persecutions and oppression for their faith and practice?  Be encouraged dear brethren, our God is our loving  Safe Haven.   __TheologyGirl-RW

“Save me, O God, by thy name, and judge me by thy strength. Hear my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth. For strangers are risen up against me, and oppressors seek after my soul: they have not set God before them. Selah.” Psalm 54:1-3

“Save me, O God.” Thou art my Saviour; all around me are my foes and their eager helpers. No shelter is permitted me. Every land rejects me and denies me rest. But thou, O God, wilt give me refuge, and deliver me from all my enemies. “By thy name,” by thy great and glorious nature. Employ all thine attributes for me. Let every one of the perfections which are blended in thy divine name work for me. Is not thine honour pledged for my defence? “And judge me by thy strength.” Render justice to me, for none else will or can. Thou canst give me efficient justice, and right my wrongs by thine omnipotence. We dare not appeal to God in a bad cause, but when we know that we can fearlessly carry our cause before his justice we may well commit it to his power.

“Hear my prayer, O God.” This has ever been the defence of saints. As long as God hath an open ear we cannot be shut up in trouble. All other weapons may be useless, but all-prayer is evermore available. No enemy can spike this gun. “Give ear to the words of thy mouth.” Vocal prayer helps the supplicant, and we keep our minds more fully awake when we can use our tongues as well as our hearts. But what is prayer if God hear not? It is all one whether we babble nonsense or plead arguments if our God grant us not a hearing. When his case had become dangerous, David could not afford to pray out of mere custom, he must succeed in his pleadings, or become the prey of his adversary.

“For strangers are risen up against me.” Those who had no cause for ill-will had gone against him; persons to whom he could have given no offence, for they were strangers to him. They were aliens to his God also, and should these be allowed to worry and destroy him. A child may well complain to his father when strangers come in to molest him? What right have they to interfere? Let them leave off meddling and mind their own concerns. “And oppressors seek after my soul.” Saul, that persecuting tyrant, had stamped his own image on many more. Kings generally coin their own likeness. He led the way, and others followed seeking David’s soul, his blood, his life, his very existence. Cruel and intense were they in their malice, they would utterly crush the good man; no half measures would content them. “They have not set God before them.” They had no more regard for right and justice than if they knew no God, or cared for none. Had they regarded God they would not have betrayed the innocent to be hunted down like a poor harmless stag. David felt that atheism lay at the bottom of the enmity which pursued him. Good men are hated for God’s sake, and this is a good plea for them to urge in prayer. “Selah.” As if he said, “Enough of this, let us pause.” He is out of breath with indignation. A sense of wrong bids him suspend the music awhile. It may also be observed, that more pauses would, as a rule, improve our devotions: we are usually too much in a hurry: a little more holy meditation would make our words more suitable and our emotions more fervent.

*The Treasury of David, Charles H. Spurgeon

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