My Soul Waits on the Lord

God is Sovereign

“Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!” Ps.27:14

Dear soul! learn to wait on the Lord, more than watchers for the morning. All within you may be very dark; is that not the very best reason for waiting for the light of God? The first beginnings of light may be just enough to discover the darkness, and painfully to humble you on account of sin. Can you not trust the light to expel the darkness? Do believe it will. Just bow, even now, in stillness before God, and wait on Him to shine into you. Say, in humble faith; God is light, infinitely brighter and more beautiful than that of the sun. God is light. The Father, the eternal, inaccessible, and incomprehensible light. The Son, the light concentrated, and embodied, and manifested. The Spirit, the light entering and dwelling and shining in our hearts. God is light, and is here shining on my heart. I have been so occupied with the rushlights of my thoughts and efforts, I have never opened the shutters to let His light in. Unbelief has kept it out. I bow in faith: God’s light is shining into my heart. The God of whom Paul wrote, ‘God hath shined into our heart,’ is my God. What would I think of a sun that could not shine? what shall I think of a God that does not shine? No, God shines! God is light! I will take time, and just be still, and rest in the light of God. My eyes are feeble, and the windows are not clean, but I will wait on the Lord. The light does shine, the light will shine in me, and make me full of light. And I shall learn to walk all the day in the light and joy of God. My soul waits on the Lord, more than watchers for the morning.*

‘My soul, wait thou only upon God!’

Be encouraged to cast your care upon your loving, lovely, Sovereign and Holy God who does all things for your good and His Glory.  Listen…

* Rev. Andrew Murray

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