Wisdom and Knowledge


“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10

The knowledge of Christ is profound and large; all other sciences are but shadows; this is a boundless, bottomless ocean; no creature has  a line long enough to fathom the depth of it; there is height, length,  depth and breadth ascribed to it, Eph. 3: 18, yea, it passeth  knowledge. There is “a manifold wisdom of God in Christ,” Eph. 3: 10.   It is of many sorts and forms, of many folds and plates: it is indeed  simple, pure and unmixed with any thing but itself, yet it is manifold  in degrees, kinds and administrations; though something of Christ be  unfolded in one age, and something in another, yet eternity itself  cannot fully unfold him. I see something, said Luther, which blessed  Austin saw not; and those that come after me, will see that which I see not. It is in the studying of Christ, as in the planting of a new  discovered country; at first men sit down by the sea-side, upon the  skirts and borders of the land; and there they dwell, but by degrees  they search farther and farther into the heart of the country. Ah, the  best of us are yet but upon the borders of this vast continent!

ReformedWomen “Notes from John Flavel”

Note: Photo Credit:  NASA


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