Our All is Not Enough

The Way to Salvation – and The Only Way**

Is not modern man trusting for salvation to himself, his own sincerity and his own efforts? Why is that he still refuses the gospel concerning Jesus Christ and His atoning death and glorious Resurrection? Think again of the utter folly and futility of that position.  Contemplate once more the task which faces us, and what is demanded of us. It is all utterly impossible for man in his own effort. Try to think of being in the presence of God; and if you realize to any extent what that means you will be compelled to agree with him* who said,

Eternal light! Eternal light!
How pure the soul must be,
When, placed within Thy searching sight,
It shrinks not, but, with calm delight,
Can live, and look on  Thee!

Oh, how shall I, whose native sphere
Is dark, whose mind is dim,
Before the Ineffable appear,
And on my naked spirit bear
That uncreated beam?

How can one rise to perfect purity? How can all our zeal and sincerity get us there?  The one way is outlined in the third stanza:

There is a way for man to rise
To that sublime abode:
An offering and a sacrifice,
A Holy Spirit’s energies,
An Advocate with God.

The Son of God came to die for us and for our sins. He now offers to clothe us with His righteousness, and to present us faultless before God in eternity. There is no need for us to exhaust ourselves further in futile efforts. There is no need for heroics . . . Our all is not enough. But He is all sufficient . . . ‘if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved’ (Romans 10:0).

* Thomas Binney
** Martyn Lloyd-Jones “A First Book of Daily  Readings”

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