Mother & Daughter Reflections (via ReformedWomen)

Mother’s Day celebrations remind us of why the role of mothers is so important in the life of their children and in family life. Read “Mother & Daugher Reflections” and “Mothers as Role Models” here at ReformedWomen. Have a joyous and happy Mother’s Day!

Mother & Daughter Reflections “Parents, and especially mothers, you who have daughters, to you appertains the serious, and deliberate, and prayerful consideration of this momentous and deeply interesting subject. Look upon those girls whom Providence has committed to your care, and say to yourselves, “I very distinctly perceive, and as impressively feel, the importance of the female character on account of its influence upon the well-being of society. And it is clear to me, t … Read More

via ReformedWomen


One thought on “Mother & Daughter Reflections (via ReformedWomen)

  1. deannadavis427 says:

    Glad to have found your blog – I appreciate the well thought out, substantial things going on here. Thanks!

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