Thank You Lord for Deliverance

Today we remember and thank our Gracious God for His mercy in delivering our enemies into our hands and for rest for the people and those that  have lost and sacrificed so much to protect us and keep us safe.  May God richly bless those that serve and watch over us,  may civility reign today and our God be thanked for His continued mercies.  The following is my prayer penned on September 11, 2001.

~My Prayer for our Country~
September 11, 2001

Blessed and Glorious Heavenly Father
We praise and exalt You and thank You for the day.
We praise You for Your great mercy on us this day.
We praise You for Your kindness to Your children and mankind.
We exalt You for Your power and restraining the evil of man.
We are humbled by the events of the day.
We know You, Righteous and Holy God, do all things well.
We know You have all control of all events
and that You, our Most Wise God,
will bring order, glory, good, salvation, faith, truth, help,
healing, comfort, courage and praise from the events of this day.
We know that You are the Great Healer of all things
and the Great Fortress for Your people.
We pray for us, as your children,
that we may glorify You more
as a result of the things seen today and the emotions felt.
That we may have more urgency
to proclaim Your message and live Your truth in our lives.
We pray that multitudes will come to You
and that through this horrific tragedy,
You will bring many sons and daughters to Yourself.
We pray that You will bring comfort and peace to all of us
and especially to those
who have lost their families in this tragedy.
Have mercy on us, O God,
to seek Your kingdom and righteousness first.
We are comforted for we are Your people,
but those that have no Comforter,
are pitiful and we pray Your mercy on them.
Your Word tell us that “sudden destruction”
will come and it does in many ways.
We do not fear it for it would bring us to You,
face-to-face and to that end we rejoice
but for those that know You not, we grieve.
We grieve because they cannot save themselves,
as we could not, and we beseech Your mercy on them.
We pray for our government;
this government here in our United States
which You have raised up to be a witness to the world,
have mercy on our people and our leaders.
Give them wisdom and knowledge to do all things well.
Give them wisdom to know
that a country “without God” will not prevail.
Give them a desire to serve You
and that this most horrific event will open their eyes
to their need to govern as “one nation under God”
and return to Your Word for guidance
and You will put all enemies under their feet.
We praise You for Your most precious Word
and how it comforts our souls.
Help us to “go into all the world” with the gospel
and to be a “comforter” of the “comfortless.”
May Your name be exalted from the rooftops today
and from our churches all over the world
for Your glory and the good of mankind.
I pray these things in the Blessed and Glorious Name
of our Lord Jesus Christ,

September 11, 2001


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