God, Journals, Computers & Me

Theology Girl Journal 2001

God, Journals, Computers & Me
Heavenly Notes
Journal Entry, April 10, 2001:

“The storms are here again tonight so another opportunity to sit down and write in my journal rather than the computer.  My journal has been displaced (usurped) by the computer.  I want to complete the books, all twenty of them.  There is so much to say and share but I do not think they are listening.  I want to talk about Him!  His person, His attributes, His love and grace, His providence in our lives but they want to talk about fluff and hear stories about fluff.  He alone must open their hearts and ears and give them the desire to talk and hear about Him.  There is nothing more precious.  There is no conversation or discussion more valuable and blessed to the soul than to think and speak of Him.  The world and all of its treasures hem us in on every side beguiling us with its tantalizing beacons of trivial things but God who is glorious above all delights of heaven and earth is what we truly desire, we dream of, we yearn for, want to know and love more, see and feel, and enjoy both now and forever.  His presence is our hope and desire.  We want Him — we long for Him — we wait for Him.  Even so, Come Lord Jesus. . . and He will, in His perfect time.  He will come for us and what a glorious moment that will be — “absent from the body, present with the Lord” forever and ever, Amen!

So now I return to writing my studies in the journal, thinking of you, praying for you, leading and teaching you, for God’s glory, the good of His church, and that your lives may be enriched in a greater and more loving way as you learn of Him and love Him more.”1/

1/ Excerpt from TheologyGirl-ReformedWomen Journal Notes, April 2001; ©2011 All Rights Reserved
Image Credit: Jay&Jacy Photography; Image of Theology Girl Journal Notes.


One thought on “God, Journals, Computers & Me

  1. Admin says:

    In answer to those emails — Our study at the time of this journal note.
    Bible Study Book: “The Excellent Wife” by Martha Peace
    Date: April 9, 2001
    Lesson: Chapter #20, Lesson#22 – Discussion
    Title: “The Wife’s Loneliness, Overcoming a Lack of Oneness”

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