Modern Replacements…A Turning…

Title:         “Turning From, Turning To”
 Author:     Edith Schaeffer

“Dear Children, keep yourselves from idols.” I John 5:21

Many twentieth-century people are turning away form God with great superiority and pride. The turning to a terrific variety of idols and false gods, old and new man-made religions, is amazing in this period of “modern” men and women. People feel liberated when they turn from God the Creator and His laws, even while they are allowing handcuffs to be put on their wrists as they become bound to Satan worship, Eastern religions, cults with a great diversity of origins, occult practices, and now a deluge of women goddesses restored from Greek times, and added to by modern inventions of new goddesses. Our universities are a hotbed of “sophisticated” new religions, even though they are only old pagan idol worship dressed in new purple. Many old practices such as abortion and infanticide, once thought of as a part of pagan religions and acceptable only to people who worshiped idols made by men’s hands, have now come back in a flood. The turning away from God is always turning to replacements.

Added to the turning away from loving God and worshipping Him is the turning away from going to Him for help. Human beings cannot get along without seeking advice, help, counsel, wisdom, direction, because in this fallen world, where so many things go wrong, they need to turn to “someone higher.” The only ONE* higher is God in His perfect wisdom, might, power, knowledge, love. People need to turn to God for help. God says, “Ask of Me” over and over again. But many do not listen. They turn instead to idols and mediums an spiritists, to all manner of promised supernatural help, outside God. There is no “neutral” person or persons to whom to go. If one is not going to the true and living God for help from what is called “the other world,” one is going to the Devil or demons.

When people turn away from idols and turn to God, it is a complete turning from the false to the true. There has to be a complete turning away from the false to the true. There has to be a complete turning away, as well as turning to. The danger today, as in any other day in history, is an attempt to hold on to something of false worship of idols, of mediating in an Eastern way, of sitting cross-legged in partial adoration of the sun, of some false way of getting help in making decisions through fortune-tellers or astrology.

Don’t forget: when you run away, you also run to. When you run away from false gods, their is Someone waiting to receive you. Jesus says, “Come unto Me.” Remember that invitation when you are being laughed at, taunted, pulled in the other direction. This invitation is to come to the throne of grace is especially connected with the fact that Jesus has gone through that same temptation and therefore that He will understand.


Dear Jesus, I am running to You again, right now; and I will continue to do this moment-by-moment for the strength I need to stand for You and with You in a world that is trying to pull me from You. Thank you for never failing me, and that You for Your Word that encourages me daily. Amen.

For further reading: Psalm 79, Proverbs 20, Ephesians 4

Edith Schaeffer, “The Art of Life” A Month of Daily Devotional Readings, Excerpt from devotional “Twenty”

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