Mother & Daughter Reflections

“Parents, and especially mothers, you who have daughters, to you appertains the serious, and deliberate, and prayerful consideration of this momentous and deeply interesting subject. Look upon those girls whom Providence has committed to your care, and say to yourselves, “I very distinctly perceive, and as impressively feel, the importance of the female character on account of its influence upon the well-being of society. And it is clear to me, that woman’s is a domestic mission, which is to affect society through the medium of family influence. As she fills up her place with wisdom and propriety, so will she promote the well-being of the community. Nor is it society only, but the Church of Christ, that is concerned in, and promoted by, the female character. Now, I have daughters, who must contribute their share of influence to the public weal or woe. How shall they be educated, so as best to fulfill their mission, should they be called to preside over the domestic economy? It depends much upon me, whether they fail or succeed in this their mission.

These are appropriate, weighty, and necessary reflections, peculiarly belonging to mothers. To them, I say, In all your conduct never let these thoughts and views be long out of your minds. Look beyond the drawing rooms of your friends, where your daughters are to be sometimes seen. Look higher than to get them married, even well married. Take into account their being well qualified to fulfill their mission. Set them before you as the future heads of a domestic establishment, and prepare them to preside over it with dignity and efficiency.”1/

1/    Female Piety: The Young Woman’s Guide Through Life to Immortality, John Angell James, (1785-1859)



4 thoughts on “Mother & Daughter Reflections

  1. lodibug3 says:

    My husband has always said that, as the woman goes, so the society goes. We certainly see that in society today. God has made women the standard. As their morals go, so go the men. Just as God has made the Church the pillar and ground of the truth…so are women called to represent the church. They become standards in society and are usually the ones that hold society when the males are gone. You can see my husband’s blog at! We’re part of the Caffeinated Calvinists!

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