Who Hath Engaged His Heart?

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Let us delight in prayer. God loves a cheerful giver in alms, and a cheerful petitioner in prayer. God would have his children free with him. He takes special notice of a spiritual frame, “who hath engaged his heart?”  Jer. 30:21. The more delight we have in God, the more delight he will have in us. He takes no pleasure in a lumpish service. It is an uncomely sight to see a joyful sinner and a dumpish petitioner. Why should we not exercise as much joy in holy duties, as formerly we did in sinful practices? How delightfully will men sit at their games, and spend their days in gluttony and luxury? And shall not a Christian find much more delight in applying himself to God? We should delight that we can, and have hearts to ask such gifts, that thousands in the world never dream of begging. To be dull, is a discontentedness with our own petitions.  Delight in prayer is the way to gain assurance. To seek God, and treat him as our chiefest good, endears the soul to him. Delighting in accesses to him, will enflame our love. And there is no greater sign of an interest in him than a powerful estimation of him. God casts off none that affectionately clasp about his throne.__Stephen Charnock


One thought on “Who Hath Engaged His Heart?

  1. Admin says:

    For those new to Reformed theology or the best Reformed theologians, English theologian, scholar and author, Stephen Charnock was an amazing author and brilliant theologian. One would do well to read all of his works.

    “Stephen Charnock Stephen Charnock (1628-1680), was a Puritan theologian and author, perhaps best known for his work The Existence and Attributes of God.” For more reading:

    •The Existence and Attributes of God. ISBN 0801011124
    •Christ Crucified. Christian Focus Publications, 1996.
    •Christ Our Passover. Sovereign Grace Publishers. 2000.
    •Not I, But Christ. ISBN 185792181X
    •Doctrine of Regeneration. Baker, 1980.
    •Knowledge of God. Banner of Truth, 1985.

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