Communicating with Your Children

writingmom“If you are a parent with children away from you for some reason or other — write, write, WRITE!  “Home” is made up of communication and growing relationships.  If you haven’t the daily possibility of preparing artistic and delicious meals for your children, if you haven’t your children there to awaken you in the night because they are sick, or need help of some sort; if your children are in boarding school because that is the custom of your society; if your kind of work transplants you into a foreign country, writing frequent and adequate letters is imperative, whether or not you have a talent for writing! You talk to children when they are home, you mend their clothes, serve refreshments to them and their friends, telephone the doctor, pick them up after school, help them with Latin or maths, take them to a football match — why, suddenly then, is a ‘letter once a week’ supposed to substitute for all that?  It is not enough to pay the bills and write casually once a week or twice a month.  There are many shattered parents who have followed this pattern and seem ‘bewildered’ because they have lost all communcation with the children.  It seems to me that writing letters to one’s children should be thought of as taking the place of conversation at various times in the day.  Many times it is not too much to write a daily letter, perhaps mailed twice or three times a week. Contact and communication with one’s family should never be lost because of necessary separation.”  __Edith Schaeffer, “The Hidden Art of Homemaking”


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