Art Communicates Truth

JoyPals Design Studio

JoyPals Design Studio

“Art communicates truth in various ways. Sometimes it tells a story, and the story is true to human experience — it is an incarnation of the human condition. Sometimes art tells the truth in the form of propositions. This is especially characteristic of literary art forms, which speak with words. Art can also convey emotional and experiential truth, and it can do this without words as is often the case with music. But whatever stories it tells, and whatever ideas or emotions it communicates, art is true only if it points in some way to the one true story of salvation — the story of God’s creation, human sin, and the triumph of grace through Christ.”__Philip Ryken, “Art for God’s Sake” p. 40

About this photo:

This is a photo I shot at the Shenandoah Wine & Balloon Festival last fall. It is a photo of a lighted balloon and I used it to create this graphic using various filters and techniques to depict the various shades of light and darkness and patterns of thought. What does it say to you? _TheologyGirl


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