Kuiper on Preaching

R.B. Kuiper

R.B. Kuiper

“Preaching should primarily be teaching.  The preaching of Jesus was teaching.  Occasionally we are told in the gospels that Jesus preached; scores of times it is said that He taught.  No one who has read the Pauline epistles but casually will care to deny that the great apostle’s preaching likewise was teaching.  Yet how few preachers today teach the Word of God!  The great Augustine said that preaching should be directed to the intellect, the will and the emotions, all three; and he named the intellect, the will and the emotions, all three; and he named the intellect first.  Much of modern preaching is addressed to the will and the emotions, little to the intellect.” __R.B. Kuiper, “The Glorious Body of Christ”

2 thoughts on “Kuiper on Preaching

  1. Admin says:

    Kuiper was a wise discerner of truth and knew man and God in His fullness and man’s continual desire to look inward to himself to find relief via his own will and emotional “feelings” rather than truth as espoused by the Word of God and true knowledge. The beauty of Kuiper and our studied men of God is that they understand and know their God and thereby share that wisdom through preaching and teaching doctrine to their people. True preaching is teaching and teaching is to the intellect so that one can apply it personally and practically to know their God in truth. The greatest gift we can have as our learned clergy have taught and so many of us know is to KNOW our God. Without wisdom men perish in self-introspection and emotional mire and thus those that forsake doctrine do so at their own peril and that of their hearers. Thanks be to God that He is still raising up faithful men!

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