Harvest and the Blessing of Peace

The Blessing of Peace

Scripture declares that “peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness” (James 3:18).  Do you want to produce a harvest of righteousness in your family?  James says that you should not expect this to occur in a home marked by fighting and quarrelling.  It will happen in families where peacemakers are continuously sowing in peace.  They will reap the harvest of righteousness. 

Psalm 133 emphasizes the same thought.  It compares unity in the family with the anointing oil that was poured on Aaron when he was set apart for his priestly ministry (Exod. 28:7; 30:25).  He was thereby officially consecrated for the Lord’s use.  The psalmist seems to be saying that when we maintain unity (by preventing and resolving conflicts), we, like Aaron, are especially set apart for the Lord’s service.  In an atmosphere of peace and unity, God blesses and uses us in a special way.

Another phrase in this psalm expands the concept further.  The psalmist compares peace and unity among brothers [sisters] to “the dew of Hermon . . . falling on Mount Zion” (Ps. 133:3).  Between the rains of early spring and late summer, little precipitation fell in Palestine.  If the crops were to grow, they need additional moisture.  Fortunately, unless severe conditions prevailed, many sections of Palestine were blessed with a heavy dew.  Nowhere, however, was the dew heavier than around Mount Hermon.  As a result, the fields in this area usually bore an abundant harvest.

In similar fashion, the psalmist indicates that God’s blessing is abundantly bestowed on people (individuals, families, churches) who cherish unity. Drought conditions may prevail all around such people, and evil forces may oppose the work of God in their lives. But in their relationship in and out of the home, the blessing of God yields a harvest of righteousness. __Your Family, God’s Way, Wayne A. Mack


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