Reformed Women, Theology Girls on Media

If you spend any time whatsoever watching/listening to the media in any of its forms, you are soon overwhelmed with how biased, unfair, liberal and devilish it is. This is especially so as it pertains to political matters. The recent attacks against Sarah Palin (who we and the over 14,000 members of the JoyPals Network support), you see how low and dirty they get. One wonders how “so-called” intelligent people can really believe the liberal propaganda spewed out day by day from them. Wise discernment is what believers are called to and not to be deceived by the obvious spin and mask of deception displayed by the liberals. We proudly admit that we are “Christ first” and that means that we are also biblical, conservative and look for righteous and strong leadership in our politics. Many of us are also a voice in the political arena and yes, Palin supporters, “Rush Babies” and Fox News viewers insofar as getting balanced news reporting. There are fine conservative bloggers who “get it right” and there are excellent “theological” bloggers when speaking on political matters, also give their readers an even more biblical and fair evaluation of the news at hand.

One of our favorite blogs is “Green Baggins” and just one visit to this blog will make you a regular reader too. Their complete coverage of all things current, theology, doctrine, studies, sermons and just good biblical reading is why we highly recommend them to our readers. Their recent post, “Sarah Palin and the Media: Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much,” is a must-read.  We would also suggest checking out their excellent commentary on recent “hot” theological issues.  They are performing a real service in teaching, training and discipling believers and making a difference in the life of men and women for the glory of God.

There is a ton of fluff out there, in the media, in the blogosphere, and especially on the visual, i.e., TV, YouTube.  It is therefore incumbent upon believers to be “forearmed” with biblical knowledge, good discernment,  a good resource of biblical reading/study and for those of us that are teachers of biblical (and yes, political) disciplines, to share and recommend helps for our readers.   The old adage holds, “you are what you read” (and, of course, what you listen too!).  We are blessed in our day to have the gift of all kinds of media outlets and thus are called upon to use them as an opportunity to share the message of Christ, biblical values, good government and family life and to train and teach others for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom on earth. _jpn

I am the original “Theology Girl” and I Approved this message




One thought on “Reformed Women, Theology Girls on Media

  1. greenbaggins says:

    Thank you so much for your very kind words. Building one another up…I appreciate so much what you are doing here for women as a firm alternative to feminazis, as Rush would say.

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