Theology Girls Blog and Ministry Group

Theology Girls, six of them in women’s ministry (yes, I am one of those six gals), have finally gotten it together and put up a new blog and group as a tool of teaching good doctrine in a way that blesses women of all walks of life and faith.  Now we do not want you to run screaming and yelling “theology” as though these knowledgeable and biblically-based women are usurping authority and leaving their God-ordained role, but rather they are obeying the mandate given in Scripture to “teach” women and children.  That teaching must be grounded in Scripture, theologically sound and taught to be biblically applied practically in daily life.  As Elyse Fitzpatrick so aptly states in her excellent book, “Women Helping Women“:  “A godly, abundant life is a life that has found the practicality of theology.” 

As women teaching, sharing, training and discipling other women, we are fulfilling that God-ordained role of making godly disciples, creating healthy disciplines and exericising love and grace for the glory of God.

You are welcome to join us.

Theology Girls Blog

Theology Girls Group



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