How Awesome Is Our God!

How awesome is our God in His creation! This is a photo I captured from my hotel window in the early morning hours at the Inn at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC last December. It is good to remember our God on first awakening and to see His creation in the splendors of its majesty even through a window! I have to admit it, in design I love to capture photos of windows, doors, entrances and perhaps there is a spiritual lesson and story related to them in my mind but nonetheless, as I see these “pictures” in time, I have to capture them even with a simple point and shoot camera and nothing else at hand! Whether a simple morning sunrise from a window or the majesty of our greatest mountain peaks, God’s glory is magnified for our viewing and to remember that we are dust and He is our Creator and God holding all things together in His providence and power. As we approach the fall season here in the Shenandoah Valley, we are preparing many “photo shoots” of the fall foliage on the mountains and in the valleys and to bathe ourselves in these glories for that small window of time to view and capture them. Take a moment today to look around you at all of the gifts our God has given you in this life and remember that life is a “vapor” like the “vapor” hanging over these mountains and will be gone in a moment. Praise Him for today and for His mighty works!


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