~Works of Benjamin B. Warfield & Me~

Works of Benjamin B. Warfield & Me

My new project for 2007! I have wanted to get into these for a very long time in “real” read/study rather than as a “look up and see” resource so I decided to finish up all of my book stack and half-finished books so that the road is clear for me to begin this project for 2007. I am tempted to read them out of order (if there is truly an order to them) since my hands immediately reached for Volume V “Calvin and Calvinism” (why is that I wonder?) and once opened, I was fascinated! I love this man’s writing, why is this? Perhaps there is something in his writing that gets to my soul? This is what caught my eye:

“As we read Calvin’s energetic arraignments of the sinfulness of our deflected conceptions of God — the essential idolatry of the imaginary images we form of Him — and our duty diligently to conform our ideas of God to the revelations of Himself He has graciously given us, we are reminded of an eloquent picture which the late Professor A. Sabatier once drew of a concourse of professing Christians coming together to worship in common a God whom each conceives after his own fashion. Anthropomorphists, Deists, Agnostics, Pantheists — all bow alike before God and worship, says Prof. Sabatier; and the worship of one and all is acceptable, equally acceptable, to God. No so, rejoins M. Bois: and there is not a less admirable spectacle in the world than this. Calvin was of M. Bois’s opinion. To his thinking we have before us in such a concourse only a company of idolaters — each worshipping not the God that is but the god who is in the pride of his heart he has made himself. And to each and all Calvin sends out the cry of, Repent! Turn from the god you have made yourself and serve the God that is!!” __Benjamin B. Warfield, Volume V “Calvin and Calvinism” p. 180, footnotes omitted.

Wow, does this sound familiar to the error of contemporary thinking today? This is good-hearty-meaty soul food … Once I embark on these I may never accomplish anything else in 2007 but I will feast nonetheless!


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