Looking At His Face

Weep not for me my loved ones, but for your pain and loss
For I would never wish to return to bear my cross
My burdens I’ve abandoned and my pain I feel no more
I am gazing at the beauty of the One that I adore.

I have not even noticed the splendor of this place
For I am still enthralled by the beauty of His face
My eyes are fixed on Jesus and the wounds He bore for me
Oh, the wonder of the price that it took to set me free!

I am not looking down on you, for here there is no pain;
No time to count the moments until we meet again.
And when you get to Glory you will not look for me
For your eyes will see just Jesus_what a wonder that will be.

How long until you join me, the Father only knows
You may be caught up in the clouds, or watch the shadows close.
The one thing I would tell you could I whisper to you there
Is, “live for Him my loved ones, He is far beyond compare.”

Weep not for me my loved ones, I am finally complete
I am gazing at my Savior, contented at His feet
Eternity will be too short to comprehend His grace
Not long enough to tire of the radiance of His face.
by Avril Fries


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