Joy Comes in the Morning

Our dear friend and former pastor, Dr. Futato’s new book on the Psalms is out and the review and info is available here. For all of you Psalms lovers (as I am), Mark is a Psalms expert in interpretation and application. His teachings during my Reformed “formative” years was irreplaceable in understanding the OT and its application to all of life today.


Joy Comes in the Morning: Psalms for all Seasons by Mark D. Futato
(Trade Paperback, Dec 2004,P&R Publishing,128 pages)
Book Jacket:
Introduces the kinds of Psalms: praise (illustrated by Ps. 104) lament (13), and thanksgiving (30). Shows how the Psalms speak to us in all circumstances.

Life is a journey, full of smooth sailing and rocky roads. The Psalms are there for us as we experience life. They can clarify our thinking or release emotions from the deep well of the soul. Joy Comes in the Morning helps readers understand how to utilize the Psalms throughout life’s journey and introduces readers to the concept of genre. Joy Comes in the Morning is a unique combination of head and heart. It introduces readers to the importance of genre as an interpretive tool and demonstrates this for the three major genres in the Psalms. Interwoven with the author’s personal testimony, Joy Comes in the Morning also traces the author’s journey and shows how no matter life’s circumstances, joy comes in the morning.

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