May Greetings!

May Greetings!

We have begun our new “Legacy” study this week and what a great book this is. A sure no-nonsense non-fluff teaching of true “biblical womanhood.” If you haven’t read or studied it, put it on your “to do” list. It not only is a good read and study but also equips you for women’s ministry so you can use those learned skills for the benefit of your sisters in the local church and family.

Most of you know, I have been on travel so scare to say the least. It will a very busy spring for us this year and it is good to get away but nonetheless our computers and email follow us and we have “just one more thing to do” so we never really get away. Find some time for retreat this spring — it will be good for your soul and head!! It is good to clear of the head from so much writing and designing so that new fresh ideas and inspiration for new projects come.

I’ve just picked up “Women of the New Testament” [Abraham Kuyper] (which has been in my bookstack for a bit). It is cited as “30 Devotional Messages for Women’s Groups.” I will let you know what I think.

Yes, I am working on the gardens this year and eventually when the weather warms and the trees have fully bloomed, my plants are all in (and moved), etc., I will post a gallery.

Be encouraged this week to grow in grace and keep “keeping on” in spite of the trials of this life. Our God is ruling and “it is good.”

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