Happy Thoughts, Spring and Books

8o)) Happy Thoughts, Spring and Books 8o))

Wow, these are 3 really great things…! I am looking out my office window at 6 inches of new snow and coveting spring and flowers as I work on a new article and design projects. Perhaps it is just my “happy” anticipation of warmer weather, or a surge in energy for both lovely things and spiritual blessings that is spurring me on to write today. Happy thoughts are always inclusive of Christ and when He comes to mind, one who loves Jesus so, must smile to themselves that He has been so merciful and gracious in giving them a new heart and life in Him. How can we not be happy with such a salvation is this? Joy will spring forth and grow up into Him in praise and thanksgiving! As we anticipate the blessings of budding flowers and warm days, I pray that we will also flower in our knowledge of Christ and that will grow in “burning hearts” of love for Him and His Word. May it be so with you today and as you anticipate our forthcoming Spring!
On Books….
I recently received P&R, Banner of Truth and CVBBS’ newsletters which I happily perused and as usual, drooled over all those most excellent books I would love to add to my library. I noted that the Reformation Study Bible, Eastern Standard Version is available at
Also, take a look at Wayne A. Mack and David Swavely’s “Life in the Father’s House, A Member’s Guide to the Local Church” for a helpful book for members regarding church membership. If you want a really good meaty “must read” book on the church read “The Church” by Edmund Clowney — it is an “eye-opener.”
“Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.” Psalm 144:15

Love the day!

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