Valentines & The Love of God

As always in February around Valentines Day, we pay particular attention to “love” in our own lives and as students of God’s Word, love in the Bible. In looking this subject again this year, I ran across this good reading at by Hannah More in her book “Practical Piety.” Because of length, I have only included an excerpt so you will have to jump over to their site to read:

Our love to God arises out of need; God’s love to us out of fullness. Our indigence draws us to that power which can relieve, and to that goodness which can bless us. His overflowing love delights to make us partakers of the bounties he graciously imparts, not only in the gifts of his providence, but in the richer communications of his grace. We can only be said to love God when we endeavor to glorify him, when we desire a participation of his nature, when we study to imitate his perfections.

Here’s the url:

Bless your heart … and think on these things… from God’s perspective.

Loving God and desiring a more loving heart this season…TheologyGirl


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