“Why Christian Women Must Vote”

This is an important subject and more important than many realized since our last presidential election and  as we see the current struggles of our country today and the results of God’s people not standing up for righteousness, truth and for His glory.  We have revived/updated this post [originally 2004-2008]  as a reminder of why we as Christians must vote and the importance of failing to think and act biblically in our political and secular life.  Tolle Lege…

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“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray,
and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven,
and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
2 Chronicles 7:14

God has bidden us to pray for our leaders and especially that we would pray for “honorable men, of good character” and to “choose” them to rule over us. He has given us a biblical mandate to pray for these things as well as the opportunity to vote for them. God’s Word says in Proverbs 16:33 “the lot is cast into the lap but its every disposing is of the Lord” so as we cast our vote in good stewardship of the blessing that God has given us, we do it from a biblical worldview, seeking God’s face, basing our choice using Scriptural principles applied to choose the best man that will represent us and have the “rule [administration] over us.” In our day especially, we are given such great opportunity and this gift to participate to God’s glory in exercising this gift for our good and that of our neighbors.  All of these things are in His most wise providence and are part and parcel of our responsibilities to be good citizens in our respective lands.

The question of why some Christians do not vote is an enigma to me. I believe the Bible is clear on our Christian responsibilities and this blessing, as it was to those of old who cried to the Lord for righteous rulers over them, is one and the same. In our day, we have a special gift as women to be a part of it. I have over the years heard many reasons why Christians do not vote. For example, “we are not of this world,” “God is sovereign so we can wait on Him” “God will put in office who He wants so no need to vote” “neither candidate is a Christian or is doing what is right” “we do not entangle ourselves in the affairs of this life” (the error in this one is a total misinterpretation of this verse) and like reasons. None of them and others I have heard are biblical or correct in application but an incorrect hermeneutical, uninformed or immature understanding of God’s teachings of our responsibilities to be good citizens and godly examples. One of the ways in which we show that we “stand for righteousness” is to stand for God through our prayers and voice to speak God’s Word in practice, application and to vote for those men/women who will best serve our country and community. These, just like us, are not perfect and many times they are those who “know not the Lord” but we still use the biblical principle and vote as biblical stewards of our gift and right to vote. We know as we pray and vote, that God will bless it and us because of it. We cannot ever take a fatalistic approach to anything in this life. To do so would be fatal to our faith and witness. God has called us to “speak” His Words and “apply” His principles and voting is one way in which we can glorify Him in being obedient children in praying and voting for godly leaders.

He says,“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  2 Chronicles 7:14

This means that we are to be active participants in humbling ourselves, praying, confessing our sins, and seeking His face for His forgiveness and the healing of our land. God wants our participation in His mighty acts in our daily lives and that includes are prayers, and to be responsible citizens in our culture. We cannot be like Lot and the children of Sodom and Gomorrah with our heads in the sand and oblivious to what is going on around us. We vote, support good laws, and use the gifts given to be good stewards of our citizenship.

God’s people act and God, in His providence, blesses. Think about homeschooling for a moment. Folks homeschooled for years and then children were forced by laws to attend public schools and after much hard work, prayers, voting, and the like, God in His providence, working through His people, opened the opportunity and means for families today to homeschool their children. We all have seen the blessings of this in both public and church life. Our children are the smartest and the best of the best.  God blesses our hard work and working in and through our culture to stand strong for righteousness and to bring to pass this victory and blessing for our children and families. We can apply this same principle time and time again in many aspects of the Christian life and I am sure all of us can number on more than both hands the blessings God has bestowed upon us because of the opportunity to stand strong in our culture and community.

I do believe as Christians that if we want to raise our children and grandchildren and live a “peaceable and quiet life” that is spoken of in Scripture, it is incumbent upon us to act and we act by exercising our God-given gift to vote. Just as the disciples cast lots (voted) for the man who would replace Judas (12th disciple) for the good of the New Testament church, its hearers and the gospel outreach to the world, we cast our vote for the best men and women who will lead us and our country.   We live today in a time that is perilous to say the least. There are fears on every side, inward and outward.  We feel we do not have a voice, but we do.  We have a voice with God by prayer and supplication and we have a voice by our vote.  Did you know  that in the election of 2004, four million evangelicals did not even go to the polls to vote. Florida was almost lost over the difference of 537 votes. In the 2008 presidential election only 57.37% of the voting population [VAP]  went to the polls and in 2012 only 58.2%. [See also Pew Research charts here].

If all of God’s people stood up and voted for God’s man in elections, we would be blessed.  Our voice would be heard and God’s man would be elected to office and our lives and that of our children and grandchildren would be spared the oversight of the evildoers.

What a privilege we have been given and it is my prayer that God will work in the hearts of every one of His children to vote and their voice will be the “stones crying out” for righteousness to rule in our country.  We are able and we have the most powerful source available, our God, His Son, His Spirit working in us and through us to glorify Him in our lives. “He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us…” Our trust and hope is in His mercy and we act doing what He has given us to do, vote for a godly men/women to administer over us.  Are our candidates perfect? No, of course not and neither are we.  Does he or she do everything we want them to do for us and the Christian “Right”?  No, neither do we in our Christian walk. God has raised them up, pray for them, their fight is harder than ours and they are standing up for us as our leaders. Many things we cannot change or control but God has given us men and women to serve, pray for them, serve them, bless them, vote for them and pray for God’s blessings on them so that we and our families may live a “quite and peaceable life.”

Living Coram Deo,
For the glory of God….

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Christians How to Vote Biblically

It is 2016 and we are in Presidential Election days in the United States.   We have now completed the primary season and the candidates are campaigning throughout America for your vote in the General Election on November 8.  Thus, this is a good time to share this post again to help as you decide and make your choices.  First rule for Christians, their choice must be based on sound principles of leadership, our Constitution and based on the required qualifications for candidates by law and testimony.  We are voting for a President to lead our country and its people.  We are not seeking a religious leader, pope or pastor but a man of wisdom who can lead our country and restore it values for the good of all of its citizens and, as a leader in the free world, that will protect its citizens and be a beacon of hope to all for freedom.   Pray for our leaders and for wisdom for your vote.  Read on…

Today’s devotional speaks to us about those things we disdain to talk about or become so involved in we neglect those things that are more needful in our service to God and our families/friends/brethren and civic responsibility. We want to avoid being pulled away into needless, ignorant arguments of the unenlightened to spiritual, theological and practical truth of God’s purposes and plans in the earth for His glory. That understood, however, does not give us the option to be poor stewards of the awesome responsibility of encouraging, praying for and supporting leaders whose testimony of life and faith is based on biblical principles and good government.  We are seeking leaders of our country, not religious leaders or pastors (which have a religious test) but men who have been raised up by God as leaders of a free people.  Prayer is a powerful tool God has given, remember to use it as we daily seek to serve God in our lives as Christians, godly servants and good citizens. __Living Coram Deo, TheologyGirl

Concerning Matters of Politics and Presidents*

“Put not your trust in princes, in mortal man, who cannot save.” (Psalm 146:3).

We have a tendency to place our hope in those who are elected, and always end up being disappointed – because politics by its very nature requires compromises. And these compromises cut against our convictions. Ultimately, whoever is elected will always make decisions that prove difficult for the greater silent majority; seeing they are swayed mostly by those who are vocal and vindictive – which things we are not.

Our consolation comes in knowing this great truth – “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord” (Proverbs 16:33). The Message says, “Make your motions and cast your votes, but GOD has the final say.” And the Contemporary English Version puts it this way, “We make our own decisions, but the LORD alone determines what happens.”

Elsewhere the Bible says, “For promotion comes neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he puts down one, and sets up another.” (Psa 75:6-7). The bottom line is this – the vote is cast by man; but the decision is made by God.

The question then is simple – do we trust God, or not? Does He know what He is doing, or not? Is He good, or not? Does He have our best interests at heart, or not?

“But what if evil advances?” we ask with grave concern, “What if darkness prevails? What then?” There is a great old poem that answers it best:

“Though the cause of evil prosper, yet the Truth alone is strong; though her portion be the scaffold, and upon the Throne be wrong. Yet that scaffold sways the future, and behind the dim unknown, standeth God within the shadow keeping watch above His own.” (James R. Lowell, 1865)

Jesus said, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” This covers a wide variety of anxieties, for He went on to say, “In the world you shall have trouble; but in Me you will have peace – for I have overcome the world.”

Our peace comes when we stay focused upon the Lord.

You may be assured that the Lord’s eye is upon you, and that His care for you is of the highest kind; and you may rest your troubled heart in His strong and loving hands. He will take care of you!

Be wise, prayerful, discerning and biblical as you vote.  Your life and future in America depends upon it.

By God’s Grace,

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*JC Ryle

The Excuses of a Discontented Heart

Devotions From the Heart
“The Excuses of a Discontented Heart”*
September 2016

“I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” Philippians 4:11**

There is an “air” of discontentedness among the brethren in all circles of Christianity today and it reminded me of the book by Jeremiah Burroughs, “The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment” and particularly my book study summary comments on Chapter 7: “The Excuses of a Discontented Heart.” I pray they will help you “think and act biblically” regarding your own heart on this important subject.  Read on…

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.”1 Timothy 6:6

As I stated in my Questions for Discussion and Reflection, this is one of those chapters that gives us a practical handle and shows us our “excusing”nature of blameshifting and excusing ourselves from responsibility for being content in “whatever state we are in.” I find this so engulfs and permeates the Christian life that there is hardly anything that it does not touch. The Bible is clear about our “sin nature” and how we excuse ourselves from responsibility for sin, obedience, contentment, and everything else. It started in the Garden when Adam and Eve blamed God, each other and the serpent and it is true of us today. We think by excusing ourselves and blaming other persons, events, problems, etc. that excuses us from obedience or contentment. But that is not the case for any of us, including those in unbelief. We are responsible to God to be obedient, content and thankful for “everything” and that includes not only the “good” things but the “bad” as well.

Burroughs is concerned that we are so focused on what is happening to us that we are not focusing on the sin of why it is happening or the sin of not being content that we miss the mark entirely. We become so caught up in the “woe is me” that we do not see the folly of the sin of excuse or discontent. He wants us to focus on reality and that reality means that no matter what happens to us in this life, it is nothing and that trials, afflictions, difficulties are always for our good and thus to focus or make excuse for why we are not content in them, makes our lives more difficult and trying. We need to smack this reality right in its face and look at ourselves and what is around us and stop excusing our discontent and focus on the contentment of a saved heart, one that is a joint-heir with Christ, one that has the joy of eternity and the privileges of royalty forever. Let’s look at this from some very practical examples and see how this plays out.

Example 1: “I don’t have enough time to read my Bible so I become frustrated and sin and I am not content because I can’t get any spiritual encouragement.”

A. Do we watch TV, talk on the telephone, spend time on the internet or in useless reading? Are we focused on “think on these things” spiritual thoughts? Are we blaming our husbands, children, homeschooling, chores, etc. so that we don’t spend time in spiritual matters because of the convicting nature of them? Are we saying that in a 24-hour day we don’t have 10 minutes to spend with the Lord? If so, we are not good time managers nor are we obedient. We have replaced the important things with the unimportant. There is always, no matter what our schedules, time for the Lord. If we are not setting aside time for the Lord, we are in sin and disobedience. That will result in a discontented nature because we are thirsty and starving for spiritual strength. It is through this medium that God strengthens us so that we are content. So, the bottom line is this, we must stop excusing and start obeying and then we will become content.

Example 2: “My husband is not a ‘spiritual leader’ in the home and so it falls upon me to lead and direct the children and my own spiritual well-being so I become discontented in my circumstances with my husband and children and therefore I am not content.”

A. What does God’s Word say about this? He says, “study to show YOURSELF approved.” That “yourself” is you. It does not say only husbands are to study but all believers so that we are able to fight the good fight of faith. The good fight of faith is trusting and believing in God’s goodness and providence in ALL things. We are to “drink of Christ” to “eat”of the spiritual food He has provided in His Word. Each believer is accountable to God for his or her own spiritual growth and progress in the Christian life. So we cannot say we are discontent by excusing our own responsibility to study and to be content. Contentment comes from understanding who God is and His providence in our lives. If we do not study, we do not learn about God in all of His glory and attributes and thus we are discontent in our circumstances.

Example 3: “I am a widow, or separated, or divorced, or single and thus because I am in these circumstances, I am discontent.”

A. The Apostle Paul tells us to “live as you are called” in I Corinthians 7. He is telling us that we are to be content “in whatever state we are in.” If unmarried, be contented; if married, be contented; we are to live “contentedly” as we are called.

Example 4: “No one has the difficulties I have suffered with my children. They will not be obedient no matter what I do so I cannot be content as long as I have these disobedient children.”

A. The Bible is filled with parents of disobedient children. We, as children of the Living God, are disobedient children. Are we free from sin? No, never. Are we called to obedience and contentment? Yes, always. So we are without excuse here. We need to look at our situation in the light of God’s Word and ask ourselves questions. Have we done everything that is obedient to God’s Word in raising our children “biblically”? Have we disciplined with “dignity”? Have we disciplined consistently? Have we shown by our own lifestyle and conversation a life of obedience and contentment before them? I believe when we look at ourselves through the mirror of Scripture, we will see our own sin and failures and thus we can stop excusing and blameshifting and get to the root of the problem. Have we done everything possible and still they are disobedient? Then we are to pray and be content and trust God for His providence in their lives.

As we can see from just these few examples, we excuse, blameshift and transfer our responsibility of being content to everyone and everything else except ourselves. As we think about this and examine our own selves, it will bring to mind those things to which we personally make excuses. It should convict and encourage us to change and that change should produce contentment. Pray for God’s Holy Spirit to bring conviction, repentance and change. Apply the theology you know to be true as to God’s providence and His refining so that you might grow in grace. You are children of your Heavenly Father and what He is doing and has done in your life is good, just and perfect. Trust Him for His guidance and care knowing that He will never leave or forsake you and that everything always and forever works for your good.

There is much more to say about this subject but I will leave it here. Again, as we see, there is no excuse for a discontented heart or spirit. We are called to “be content in all things” and that is what we must do and by the grace of God we can do it. Be diligent and press on in it.  Be content!
Blessings in Christ

Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do,forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:13-14

*TheologyGirl-ReformedWomen “The Excuses of a Discontented Heart” originally posted May 2006 from my Christian Contentment Study on the book by Jeremiah Burroughs, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment .  

**The Greek word “aujtavrkh=DF” [“content; being content” ] in Philippians 4:11 means: “sufficient for one’s self, strong enough or processing enough to need no aid or support, independent of external circumstances, contented with one’s lot, with one’s means, though the slenderest.

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